Church Interiors

Each and every church or venue that I fill with flowers are all very different. Clients find this part a little strange sometimes,I like to visit the venue armed with a colour sceme,a very large sketch pad and a collection of  pencils.I find that some venues "talk" to me some "shout" and the hardest ones just whisper,then its down to me and the sketch pad to work the magic!

After its all sketched out I like to meet the bride and her mother to either ok my designs or just give them a little "tweek" usually they dont need much tweeking because I have already sort of found out just what the bride would like at the initial meeting..Some times especially if they want the "wow" factor on the day I will only show my designs to the brides mother,that way it makes the brides wedding day a bit of a mystery,as well as a suprise.

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