All About Johnathan.

Just a little about me ”Johnathan“ I have been a florist for twenty or so years .It all started for me at a family funeral that I attended all those years ago.

The family had ordered the flowers from a local florist & together we paid the bill . As we viewed the flowers after the service I couldn’t help but notice the family were just so disappointed with the quality of the tributes and of the flowers that were in them . It made a very upsetting day even more distressing. That was the start of my career in floristry.

I was determined that I could do so much better than that! That determination is still following me today.

My endeavour to make a very emotional time just a little easier by surrounding the bereaved with beautiful FRESH flowers, arranged with the utmost care and attention to every detail . I know this may sound a little strange, A client asked me one day “Don’t you feel guilty profiting from people that have just lost someone special?” my reply was this : My job is to put into flowers the things that words cannot say, That last goodbye, I will miss you ,or, I will love you forever.Every single tribute that I design\create is done with the same love and respect that I would use for a member of my own family, And if my endeavours and skills can make that day a little easier to bear then I know that I have done my job right. That alone is more rewarding and fulfilling than any other job that I could possibly do. Does your job give you that ? Their answer was "You know I have never looked at it that way ". 

EVERY Tribute no matter how small or how large is done with those thoughts and my skills to make a personal tribute for you to be proud to leave with your loved one as a final gift. 

So that’s it that’s the driving force behind me Jonathan.

I care about the flowers that I use in my creations as much as the finished product as the flowers come in fresh from holland they are conditioned immediately and placed in clean fresh water and kept airconditioned up to them leaving the they reach you the customer at there peak.I do not allow any  compromise on quality that is how I have gained the reputation that I have.


This is just a small part of our site which we have opened just for the Tribute side of our company, to show just a little of the varied work we have done and the quality of our end product .





When we loose a loved one we tend to reflect on their life, especially when they have shared part of it with us.

Places we visited together,

Hobbies that we shared ,or things that were special hold many happy memories.

I (Johnathan) specialize in bringing those memories back in My floral sculptures and bespoke designs for you to give as a final tribute.

 A Final Gift you can be proud to leave with Your Loved one as a celebration of their life and a tribute that says all the things that words just cannot at such a sensitive time.


Thank you for visiting our web pages. The purpose of our site is to highlight the outstanding quality of our work and My attention to every detail that makes EVERY Commission from a simple posy through to a bespoke tribute just that little more special,

 Something that you can be proud to leave as your final gift to your loved one.


May The Quality Of My Work Speak For Itself.

From our base in Winslow we work with clients and suppliers throughout the

UK & Europe.

Thanks to web based collaboration tools we are more than equiped to serve YOU regardless of where in the world you live.


Please dont let the price prevent you having the tribute that you want .

If you are on a budget  please call me I will always work within your price range so dont hesitate to ring me


I am ONLY a phone call away Just give me a ring and I will be more than happy to discuss your requirements phone me on.